Requiem by Lauren Oliver


Requiem by Lauren Oliver

Oliver’s loyal readers will be thrilled by this final novel in her Delirium series, that ties up all the story lines and even manages to weave some new ones in to boot.  Lena is now a full member of the Resistance, but Julian  is by her side now.  While her first love Alex and been found alive, he is changed and will hardly even look at her.  What was different about this installment is that the story alternates between Lena in the Wilds helping the Resistance, and her childhood friend Hana, who has been cured and is about to marry the soon-to-be mayor in the dystopian society.  Eventually these two stories will collide, the question is who will survive the ordeal?

This title does a good job tying up the loose ends from the other books, with a few new surprises thrown in.  I think fans of the series will be satisfied, and probably eagerly waiting for Oliver’s next YA title.  I recommend this book to fans of the series, and science fiction and dystopia lovers.

Lauren Oliver’s newest book Panic has just recently launched and we cannot wait to get it in here for our students!

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