NOS4A2 by Joe Hill


NOS4A2 by Joe Hill

First off, don’t be intimidated by this book’s 600 + pages.  I can promise that if you’re a horror fan, you will have trouble putting this book down, even to answer a text from your BFF.    Hill’s third book grab’s readers by their heartstrings with its main character Vic, who we see grow up from a sweet eight-year-old to a rebellious teen and finally a troubled and self-destructive adult.  Victoria McQueen has always had a secret knack for finding lost objects: when she was little she rode her Day Glo blue Raleigh Tuff Burner bike across the nearby Shorter Way covered bridge and “find” things to bring back to her real life.  Charles Manx also has special powers that he uses to  abduct children to take them to Christmasland, a carnival place covered with snow where every morning is Christmas day and children are never unhappy.  At least that’s what he says.   Manx kidnaps the young Vic in his haunted Rolls Royce, but she is the only child to ever escape from him using her own special powers.  Years later, he tries to kidnap Vic’s own son to exact his revenge, leading to an ultimate battle between light and dark forces.

This twisting tale is a genuine find for horror fans.  Hill makes good use of character development for his main players, while spicing the story with lots of fascinating minor characters.  The plot moves along quickly, with dates and places at the chapter headings to help readers navigate the complex plot.  I recommend this to horror fans, readers who love Stephen King (Hill’s real life dad!) and anyone wanting to immerse themselves in a dark tale with extreme spookiness.  You’ll never look at Christmas the same way after devouring this sumptuous title.

Warning: Some graphic gore but nothing fans of adult horror haven’t experienced before.


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