Kindred by Octavia Butler


Kindred by Octavia Butler

This unusual science fiction story is narrated by Dana, who is 26 years old when the story takes place in 1976.  As a liberated black woman married to a white man, Dana is shocked and terrified when she is abruptly transported from her home to a plantation in the Antebellum south, years before the Civil War.  It turns out Dana has somehow been called to the past to save her ancestor Rufus, who is the white son of the plantation’s owner.  She ends up being called back numerous times, each time to save Rufus when his life is in danger.  She is a slave when she is in the Delaware of 1815, giving the readers a modern woman’s perspective on the horrors of slavery and plantation life.

Although this title is usually classified as science fiction due to the time transports, for me it was more like a fictionalized slave narrative.  Butler has certainly done her homework and Antebellum Delaware feels realistic, and oftentimes exceptionally horrific.  I recommend this title to historical fiction fans and readers who enjoyed Octavia Butler’s other titles.

parable of the sower          pareable of the talents          fledging





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