Proxy by Alex London



Proxy by Alex London

In a future post-apocalyptic Earth, the haves and have-nots are separated by an even greater margin than they are today.  There are basically two classes of people: the wealthy and the impoverished.  Syd is poor, lives in a decrepit slum and is the spoiled Knox’s Proxy.  In other words, whenever Knox gets into trouble (which is often), Syd is punished.  Supposedly Syd will be able to pay off his debt this way and become free, but he’s not holding his breath.  When Knox crashes one of his father’s company car killing the girl with him, Syd is sentenced to death and branded with the girl’s name on his arm.  What Syd and Knox discover is the only way to save themselves is to fight the tyrannical government.  The rest of the story is a lightening-paced action story, with the boys sometimes just a step ahead of the government’s elite Guardian police forces.

This book was a total wild ride that I completely enjoyed.  The theme of technology was woven thoughtfully , and I also appreciated that writer London had gay characters without making their sexuality a big deal.  I highly recommend this book to dystopia and science fiction fans, and readers who enjoy action movies.

We have the second book in the series on order.



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