Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

doctor sleep

Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

More than thirty years after he wrote The Shining, Stephen King continues the story of Danny Torrance, the small child from the first book who was torments by both malevolent ghosts and his alcoholic father.  Dan, as he is now called, is a grown man with alcohol issues of his own.  He’s trying to finally get sober and begins setting into a small town in New Hampshire, while going to AA for the first time and being “sponsored” by his boss. During this same time, a group calling themselves the True Knot travels across the USA in RV’s looking like harmless retirees.  Sadly for any child with the Shine, they feed on the children’s power as they slowly torture them to death.  Dan finds himself in the middle of an epic battle when the True Knot discovers Abra Stone, a severely gifted child who has been mentally messaging Dan since she was a baby.

This book is guaranteed to keep readers glued to the pages.  I would suggest reading The Shining first, but this story will still make sense if you haven’t.  I highly recommend it to all King and horror fans, and anyone wanting to escape into an epic tale of good versus evil.  At just over 500 pages, this may be one of King’s shortest books in recent years, alway a plus for our busy students.




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