The Program by Suzanne Young


The Program by Suzanne Young

In a slightly future world, seventeen-year-old Sloane Barstow’s brother has recently become part of the teen suicide epidemic that has been frightening parents and young people worldwide.  An local mental health institute has developed “The Program,” which depressed teens are sent to for six week treatments. However,  even though they are no longer depressed, they come back without many of the memories of their past lives, making it a terrifying option.  When Sloane’s brother kills himself, her parents and the school start watching her every move to make sure she doesn’t become depressed and try the same thing.  Her boyfriend James is the only thing holding her together, but when he starts to get sad, she is barely able to get herself to school.  They both end up in The Program, but at different locations.  As she goes through the treatment, Sloane  struggles to hold on to her memories and her sanity.

This chilling story felt very realistic to me.  The main characters were well-drawn, and the plot  moved forward in a way that wasn’t too predictable.  I would recommend this to teens who are fans of dystopias and science fiction.  Readers of the Hunger Games , the Delirium series and the Divergent books will be huge fans.

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