Geeks: How Two lost Boys Rode the Internet Out of Idaho by Jon Katz


Geeks: How Two lost Boys Rode the Internet Out of Idaho by Jon Katz

While writing for Wired magazine and website Hotwired, Jon Katz wrote columns about geeks, their trials as outsiders in schools and society and their new status as invaluable in making computers and systems work. Among the outpouring of emails he received in response was one from Jesse, a working class recent high school grad in a small Idaho town. On his own, working in a small computer shop and sharing an apartment with a fellow geek friend, Jesse sees no future beyond what he’s doing. As outsiders at school, Jesse and his friend Eric had gravitated to a sympathetic English teacher who founded the Geek Club for them and their compatriots, giving them a name and place to belong. At Katz’s suggestion, they used the Internet to explore other possibilities for themselves.

Without giving away any of the adventure of their journey, I can say that I was enthralled by these two young men and their bravery in trying to break away from the assumptions of what their lives would be. This book proves that nonfiction can be as enriching and engrossing as fiction for recreational reading. I found it deeply moving and full of profound thought. In fact, I reread several parts of it for exactly those reasons.

Review by Ms. Goldstein Erickson


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