The Tomorrow Code by Brain Falkner

tomorrow code

The Tomorrow Code  by Brain Falkner

Tane and Rebecca, teenagers in Auckland, New Zealand who’ve been friends since birth, have a conversation about time travel while stargazing. Rebecca, a science and math genius, explains the grandfather paradox, quantum foam and other concepts. Tane suggests someone in the future might be sending messages back, but they would have to build a receiver to get them. After mulling over the idea, Rebecca takes Tane to visit a scientist colleague of her deceased father with an invented story of Tane using space gamma bursts for an art project. After Rebecca writes a program to decode the bursts, they discover their future selves are in fact sending them messages about how to stop a looming environmental disaster. As they start following the directions in the messages, they discover the danger is getting closer. They don’t know who is trustworthy or how to stop it, but they do enlist Tane’s older brother to help them.

This book is loaded with excitement and suspense. The author puts in enough realism to make it believable. I read it in just a few days because I wanted to know what would happen!

Review by Ms. Goldstein-Erickson


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