When We Wake by Karen Healey

 when we wake

When We Wake by Karen Healey

On what was looking like the happiest day of her life, sixteen-year-old Tegan is accidentally shot by an political assassin at a public protest.  She wakes up 100 years later in 2127, finding out that her body had been cryogenically frozen by the government.  She is locked in a government facility. Her friends and family are long gone, Tegan is shocked by contemporary Australia, which isn’t that much better than the one she left.  Nicknamed “the living dead girl,” she becomes an instant celebrity, moving in with her doctor as her guardian, starting school and trying to adjust to 100 years of change.  The unspoken question if why Tegan has been revived at all, especially since she is the only human whose been awoken from the cryogenic sleep.  As she slowly learns the truth of her situation, Tegan comes to learn that life in the 22nd century is far from perfect and she needs to decide if she can make a difference with the help of her high public profile.

I liked this book a lot.  Tegan’s friends are interesting and their personalities are well-drawn and diverse.  Her love interest is a Somali boy there on scholarship who was recruited for his beautiful voice, but now refuses to sing in public.  Teens who like dystopias and science fiction are sure to enjoy this title.  We also have the second in the series, While We Run.


while we run
          guardian of the dead


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