The Cupid War by Timothy Carter

cupid war

The Cupid War by Timothy Carter

The Cupid War was just sitting innocently on a shelf in the library as I walked by with a student, but it reached out and grabbed me. The story opens with 17 year old Ricky Fallon sitting on a bridge railing getting ready to jump. He decides against suicide, but slips as he’s climbing back onto the bridge, falling to his death anyway Fallon finds himself in a kind of limbo, assigned to Cupid Central to earn enough good karma to go to the good place. Although the boss Cupid Louis is mean to Fallon, Fallon’s mentor Caleb is patient and kind. Assigned beck to his hometown to earn Cupid karma, Fallon is attacked by a suicide while training, and learns they are the exact opposite of Cupids. Fallon realizes his toxic “friend’ Susan, who drove him to contemplate suicide in the first place, was like a living suicide and has chosen new teens as her targets. Fallon must decide how to proceed, even if it means deviating from his mission and the Cupid Central rules.

The Cupid War is imaginative, exciting and suspenseful, a total original. The author Carter impressed me with the completely logical way he has invented this world to make it believable. The reader can almost put faith in the unseen Cupids bringing people together. This title merits attention from readers who like “almost real” fantasy.

Review by Ms. Goldstein-Erickson


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