This Is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith

this is what happy

This Is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith

This delightful story describes an unlikely romance from the perspectives of both the girl and the boy.  When small town resident Ellie O’Neill gets a random email from GDL824@ asking about his pet pig, they begin a friendship that eventually turns romantic over the course of number of months corresponding.  It turns out that the boy Ellie is writing to is really a hot, teen star best know for his Harry Potter-like series of movies.  But they haven’t even exchanged names, although they’ve been very open with each other about their childhoods, families and more.  When Graham talks his manager into filming the outdoor scenes of his new romantic comedy in Ellie’s small Maine town, he hopes to finally meet her in person and have a real life relationship.  But in addition to his secret as a teen idol, Ellie and her mom have a secret past they’ve been hiding since they moved to Henley years before.

I thought this story was sweet, charming and realistic, even though it’s sort of a fantasy about dating a gorgeous movie star.  Smith’s writing feels natural and her main characters have enough complexities to feel honest.  This is a great book for readers that liked Smith’s other title and others looking for something that feels honest and complicated, without any sign of teen angst.



Click book cover for a link to our review.

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