Everything Leads to You by Nina La Cour


Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour

LaCour stretches her creative wings in this new book, writing about a girl who’s just graduating high school and has a brilliant future ahead of her.  Raised in Los Angeles, Emi Price has a production design internship on a huge film the summer before college, but she can’t quite get her emotional life to reflect her professional success.  Her ex-girlfriend has broken up with her no less than five times, but she’s Emi’s first love and the eighteen-year-old has trouble not falling back into the same trap each time Morgan says she wants to get back together. Her bestie Charlotte is trying to help her stay strong, and invites her to a special preview of a deceased movie star’s Estate Sale to distract her from her loneliness.  The actor happens to be a favorite of her older brother’s, making the trip even more exciting.  The man was a famous cowboy actor, reminding me of John Wayne or Clint Eastwood.  Emi finds a beautiful couch for the bedroom set she’s working on, scores a free belt buckle as a gift for her brother, and buys a Patsy Cline album that seems to be the last one Clyde Jones had listened to.  Later as she and Charlotte take out the record to play it on her brother’s vintage record player, a letter slips out, addressed to a Caroline Maddox.  Thus begins the quest to find the woman the letter is addressed to, and eventually her daughter. Layers of mystery unravel and Emi and Charlotte help the granddaughter of the movie star learn about her mother, who’s always been a mystery to her.

This was a wonderful story.  LaCour is able to take readers into the thoughts and minds of young adults, making the story feel authentic and immediate.  I would recommend this to any YA reader looking for a good read.



Click on book cover for our review of her first book.


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