Hero by Perry Moore


Hero by Perry Moore

If The Incredibles featured solid character development, it’d be a little bit like Perry Moore’s novel Hero. The protagonist Thom Creed plays a believable gay teen facing some unbelievable circumstances: the novel is set in an alternate reality in which superheroes and ordinary citizens coexist. Thom faces the legacy of his family, including his disappeared mother and his disgraced former-superhero father; he also has to come to terms with his own superpower as a healer and with his community’s homophobia.  The plot spins through a heated basketball season, Thom’s attempt to run away, a romance, and Thom’s investigation of the murders of several local superheroes. Thom’s motley friends comprise a group of aspiring superheroes and their relationships ground the novel’s action sequences in a way that keeps the novel from descending into cartoonishness.

Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys an action-packed read with well-developed characters.

Review by Ms. Grecco, visiting librarian


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