Unthinkable by Nancy Werlin


Unthinkable by Nancy Werlin

This title is the sequel to Werlin’s well-received Impossible, which came out in 2008.  Its heroine is Fenella Scarborough, the first of her family’s women to be cursed and enslaved by an evil faerie lord.  When the book opens, she is begging the Faerie Queen Kathalia to allow her to at long last die, as she has been trapped in the faerie world for hundreds of years, even though her descendant Lucy has completed the three impossible tasks and broken the curse.  Fenella is so determined to be free of her situation, that she promises the queen she will complete three acts of deliberate destruction. (The opposite of the tasks Lucy performed to release the family.)   At that time she doesn’t realize that the three tasks must involve her human family, and that she will be sent back to the mortal realm in order to accomplish them.  To top if off, the queen sends her arrogant brother, disguised as an ordinary house cat, as her unwilling assistant.

While it took me awhile to warm up to this book, I ended up enjoying it a lot.  I’m not a fan of faeries/fantasy, but this book was more about solving puzzles once Fenella arrives in the modern day world.  It is strongly plot-driven and I found myself finishing the nearly 400 page book in just a few days.  I would recommend this to fantasy fans, and readers who liked the first book or Nancy Werlin’s other titles.

impossible          rules_survuval1

Book Trailer                             Review


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