Agent Angus by K. L. Denman

agent angus

Agent Angus by K. L. Denman

Just by chance, Angus is standing next to Ella, a girl on whom he has a crush, when school has been evacuated because of a stink bomb. To impress Ella, Angus makes up a story about studying to be a mentalist, including learning facial expressions, since Ella studies faces to be an animator. As they are getting to know each other, Ella tells Angus someone has stolen her notebook of drawings and asks Angus to use his mentalist skills to help figure out who took it. After identifying several possible suspects who turn out to be innocent, Angus is ready to confess to Ella he made up the mentalist story just to get to know her. However, events take a different and surprising turn.

Part of the Orca Currents series, this title realistically portrays the problems that arise when a well-intentioned lie starts going too far to take back. Told in first person, the story moves quickly, although I would not have guessed the ending. Humor plays a key role in this book also, making it a quick and enjoyable read.

Review by Ms. Goldstein-Erickson


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