The Geography of You and Me by Jennifer E. Smith

geography of you and me

The Geography of You and Me by Jennifer E. Smith

This sweet love story might be the perfect antidote for a reader tired of their usual, favorite genre reading.  Teenagers Lucy and Owen meet when they’re locked in an elevator in the New York City building where they both live during a power outage.  They’re rescued rather quickly, but spend the evening together talking on the roof of the building (a tar beach) and star gazing.  Almost immediately after that romantic evening under the stars, their families move in opposite directions– taking Lucy to Edinburgh, Scotland and Owen “out west” on on extended road trip.  The teens try to overcome their “Geography” using postcards and emails, but begin to wonder if one night can really create a relationship. In addition the the romance, writer Smith brings up issues of parental responsibility and the value of the family, in different ways for both Owen and Lucy.

I enjoyed this title and finished it quickly.  It’s refreshing to read something light after all the angsty YA books and depressing dystopias.I would recommend this to readers who enjoy contemporary romance and readers who like Sarah Dessen and Jenny Han’s books.



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