How to Lead a Life of Crime by Kirsten Miller

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How to Lead a Life of Crime by Kirsten Miller

This unusual story might be the perfect choice for a reader longing for non-stop action.  Although it’s a bit long at 431 pages, the plots twists will keep most readers glued to the pages.  Flick is a streetwise kid who abandoned his purebred New York family to live as a pickpocket on the streets of New York City.  Readers learn that the reason he ditched the military school his father dumped him at is because he knows his old man killed his little brother and consequently caused his mom to commit suicide.  He dreams of revenge and finally finds proof of the deed in the form of Lucien Mandel, the head of the prestigious Mandel Academy who promises him concrete proof of his brother’s murder if he’ll come to the academy and graduate.  The perverted part the the school’s curriculum is that they train the young people to become criminals, with classes like: Assassination Techniques and Waste Management: Polluting for Profit.  When Flick begins to see Mandel for the madman he truly is, the headmaster recruits Flick’s girlfriend into the academy, leading to much competition, confusion and misplaced alliances.

I found this book almost impossible to put down because each plot twist blended right into the next predicament.  Miller is a natural storyteller and has even included some clever appendices as the back, such as the school’s course catalog, a diagram of the school layout, and news articles about the book’s major players.  I would recommend this title to action fans, readers who enjoy Anthony Horowitz books and fans of horror stories.

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