Inhuman by Kat Falls


Inhuman by Kat Falls

This title begins a trilogy set in a dystopian future where a mutating virus has turned much of the population into savage zombie-like creatures.  Lane McEvoy lives with her father inside the the walled safe area west of the Mississippi River.  People are forbidden from crossing into the Feral Zone, but sixteen year old Lane rudely discovers that her father is not an art dealer like she though all long, but a “fetch” who smuggles long lost art out of the Feral Zone to sell to wealthy patrons  in the safe area.  But Lane’s always been interested in what might be on the other side of the massive, guarded wall.  When Lane finds out her father has been secretly a fetch all along, she is given the choice of going into the Feral Zone and completing his last job, one for a corrupt government official who is blackmailing her.  She ends up with two co-conspirators, Everson who was a guard on the Wall and the mercenary named Rafe who is comfortable on both sides of the country.

This book is an action-packed adventure full of twists that please readers looking for a fast-paced story.  It will also be great for fans of science fiction or dystopia.  I highly recommend it to teen readers looking for a fast, suspenseful read.



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