Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurty


Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry

The hardback edition of this title intimidated me a little, since it’s a heavy book to carry around. However, once I started reading it I was so enthralled I carried the book everywhere, even to the grocery store so I could read a few pages while I waited in the check out line. Lonesome Dove tells the story of Augustus McCrae and W. F. Call, former Texas rangers who have decided to drive their cattle from their ranch in Texas, the Hat Creek Cattle Company, to Montana in the late 1800s.

In those days, travelers had only themselves for support. There was no reliable source of food, supplies or help on the trail. The best anyone could hope for was finding towns along the way for supplies or medical attention.

Having made their decision to go ahead with the plan, Gus and Call enlist their ranch hands and acquire others from the area who want to go with them.

The adventure includes death and disaster. The characters are so vivid they seem to walk right off the pages into the world. I grew to care deeply about them all, wanting the heroes to succeed and the villains to face justice. I didn’t even want to finish the book because the story had hooked me so completely I didn’t want it to end. Imagine how glad I was to find out McMurtry has written both a sequel, Streets of Laredo, and a prequel, Dead man’s walk. Streets of Laredo picks up several years after Lonesome Dove ends, catching up on many of the characters. Dead man’s walk introduces the early years of Texas Rangers Augustus McCrae and Woodrow Call, from their first mission to their brutal treatment after being captured by the Mexican army and further adventures.

Even though there are violent episodes in all three of these books, the characters and adventures overwhelm any negative affects. I enjoy recommending these books to all readers who love realistic adventure and unforgettable characters!

Review by Ms.Goldstein-Erickson

streets          deadman


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