A Cup of Friendship by Deborah Rodriguez

ACupOfFriendshipA Cup of friendship by Deborah Rodriguez

Thirty eight year old expatriate Sunny has ended up in Kabul, running a popular coffee shop. While meeting with the new head of the Women’s Ministry, Sunny overhears a conversation about a young woman found bleeding and beaten on the street being given a place to sleep for only two nights. Sunny takes in the young woman, Yazmina, a pregnant widow, and gives her a job cleaning in the coffee shop. Her workers and customers comprise an eclectic mix, including Afghans and foreigners, each with their own reason for being in Kabul. Politics and romance intersect among them all, causing both conflicts and positive outcomes.

The author spent time in Kabul as an aid worker helping Afghan women learn skills as hairdressers and beauticians. She founded the Kabul Beauty School and wrote a book by that name. She draws on that experience for this fiction book, full of adventure and romance, creating a cast of characters about whom the reader comes to care.

Review by Ellie Goldstein Erickson

Click here to visit the author’s webpage. Deborah Rodriguez


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