Light of Day by Allison Van Diepen

LightOfDayLight of Day by Allison Van Diepen

From the author of Takedown and Street Pharm, comes Light of Day – a love story that’s ensnarled in the underground world of date-rape drugs and teenage prostitution. Gabby Perez is an intelligent and attractive high school student who hosts a call-in program on a local radio station. She has fallen from grace due to a recent break-up with Mr. Popular, but still walks the hallways with pride. One night while out partying she and a friend almost become victims to a pimp who drugs girls before kidnapping them. The evening is saved by a mysterious (handsome) stranger, who warns Gaby before it is too late.

Gaby is a strong female character who stands up for herself with her family, friends, and romances. She is loyal and headstrong, and wants to do right by the world. Gaby finds that not everyone wants to be helped and some people are never as real as you want them to be, while others might surprise you by stepping up just when you need them the most.

Author Allison Van Diepen writes a lot of exciting and popular titles. Check out her website for more info about her.

Titles by the same author: Takedown, Street Pharm, The Oracle of Dating, Raven, Snitch

Review by Sarah Rosenkrantz


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