Roller Girl by Victoria Jamieson

RollerGirlRoller Girl by Victoria Jamieson

It’s the summer before junior high and Astrid is going through the changes. Breaking up with a best friend, finding a new passion, lying to her mom and dying her hair blue. Astrid wants to become a roller derby girl but her long-time best friend Nicole is more interested in ballet, boys and fashion. What’s worse is that Astrid doesn’t even know how to roller skate, or how she’s going to make it through the derby summer camp. But the bumps and bruises start to pay off. Her skating improves, she makes a new friend, finds a new she-ro and learns to put on a mean game face.

Roller Girl is an awesome, fun read!  Life lessons are sprinkled throughout this face-paced graphic novel. These girls are gritty and fun, and the story rolls along to the end. Take a reading dive into the exciting world of the Roller Derby created by new comer graphic novelist Victoria Jamieson (aka Winnie the Pow).

CLICK HERE to read about the author and The Making of Roller Girl

Review by Sarah Rosenkrantz


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