Author Highlight: Una LaMarche

UnaLaMarche Una LaMarche is an author, journalist and blogger who spent the first 14 years of her life with a very impressive unibrow. UnibrowShe writes with great humor online – her blog is hilarious, if a bit adult themed (her adult curse world coloring book give-away contest, sadly, has ended). LaMarche’s books for young adults are all very different, although each contains a tale of struggle and overcoming, along with a taste (or sometimes more) of romance. Una LaMarche currently lives in Brooklyn, which is often where her stories take place. I enjoyed her books, and I liked learning about her even more! Her website will link you to articles that she has published (including in the New York Times) which can be laugh out loud funny!
Don’t Fail Me Now

This book features a road trip with half-siblings who meet for the first time as teen-agers and share a totally dysfunctional father. One half of the family has been growing up in extreme poverty, while the other half leads a well financed and sheltered existence. Trying to find common ground can be difficult, but nothing brings people together like being broke, with a broke down car, and no one to count on but each other.

No Other
Teen-age love is hard enough without the added stresses of parental disapproval and the gulf between culturally divergent worlds. Devorah is from an Hasidic Jewish family who have very strong ideas about who is appropriate to mix and mingle with and who is not. Jaxon is definitely “not”. He might be from the same neighborhood but he is not a Hasid. The two teens meet unexpectedly in an elevator and a beautiful, yet seemingly doomed, relationship blossoms.

Five Summers
Five Summers
They were inseparable every summer for years, before their teenage lives drew them apart. Now they are coming back for a reunion and a last chance at their friendship that seemed strong enough to last forever. But they are different now than when they were younger. Each holds secrets and pasts that have yet to be shared. Are they really best friends or is their friendship about to end?

Post written by Sarah Rosenkrantz




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