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Tsync-2016-flyer-may-12HE SIN EATER’S DAUGHTER, by outstanding fantasy author Melinda Salisbury and performed by Amy Shiels, introduces us to a powerful heroine. At 17, Twylla lives in a castle and has the power to kill by simply touching the victim. However, her power is one she’s inherited and her service in the castle as the executioner of prisoners isn’t the life she chose, nor does she want it. In Amy Shiels’s performance, the tensions between Twylla and the royal family, and between Twylla’s desire for love and respect for duty, keeps us glued to a winding tale of intrigue, danger, and the tantalizing promise of hope.

Hope, too, is at a premium in Jim Gash’s DIVINE COLLISION, the account of his involvement in performing legal rescue work on behalf of imprisoned children in Uganda. Brandon Batchelar performs Gash’s narrative about his work in Uganda, his faith in Divine Providence, and restoring a future to those neglected and forgotten by most of the world. Jason White also reads here, giving voice to the story of Henry, the young Ugandan man serving a sentence for a murder he did not commit and for whom Gash was instrumental in obtaining freedom.   You can find out more about Gash’s work and Henry’s imprisonment by watching BBC Outlook: Teen Wrongly Accused of Two Murders



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