The Chosen One by Carol Lynch Williams

chosen one

The Chosen One  by Carol Lynch Williams

Thirteen year old Kyra lives with her family, including her father; her true mother, Mother Sarah; Mother Claire, her father’s first wife; Mother Victoria, his second wife; and her 20 siblings in the four corners area of the western United States. Her community, the Chosen Ones, lives isolated from the rest of the area and relies on themselves for support. Kyra has always been content with her life, even thought she secretly borrows books from the county library bookmobile she discovered on one of her walks in the desert.  When the Prophet, leader of the Chosen Ones, announces that Kyra is to be the seventh wife to her Uncle Hyrum, her father’s sixty year old brother, even her father and the family object. Unable to change the Prophet’s mind, the family resigns itself to his directive, but Kyra resolves to get away.

I found this book so riveting that I read it again as soon as I finished it the first time. The writing is absolutely true to Kyra’s character and the plot completely engrossed me. I can’t wait to read more books by this author!

Review by Mrs. Goldstein-Erickson


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