Pretend you love me by Julie Anne Peters

emptyPretend you love me by Julie Anne Peters

Mike is a small town girl who is the star softball player, works at the hardware store, and is reviving her deceased dad’s plumbing business. Her best friend is the only boy on the cheerleading squad who is also out and proud. Mike very quietly has the hots for the big city girl, Xanadu, who just moved to town. Xanadu has her own secrets and, while she doesn’t seem to like Mike in “that” way, they become close friends fast. It’s also senior year and time for Mike to decide what happens next in her life. She seems to think that staying right where she is will be just fine. But her family, community, and friends would like to see her go farther. Her coaches and neighbors all recognize how hard she works, but Mike’s not willing to be a charity case or anybody’s poster child.

Sounds a bit cheesy but it’s not.

Review by Ms. Rosenkrantz


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