Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Ready Player One by Ernest ClineImage result for ready player one

In Ready Player One, Cline creates the unlikely pair of futuristic virtual reality technology and eighties culture – with captivating success. Most of the novel takes place in the online Oasis, but despite the absence of “real” danger, still manages to create a suspense that had me unable to put it down. When impoverished, eighteen-year-old Wade Watts becomes the first person in the worldwide challenge to find a hidden Easter Egg in the Oasis — a challenge that the winner of will inherit the fortune of its late creator — he now needs to figure out the rest of the riddles that lead to the egg while competing with other gamers and evading greedy, even dangerous, corporations. Ready Player One explores the creative ways that VR technology can change video games and society as a whole, with plenty of eighties pop culture references. Despite the fact that I am neither a videogamer nor an 80’s enthusiast, I still found the novel engrossing to the very end.

Review by Abigail


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