Watched by Marina Budhos

Watched by Marina Budhos

Watched-When Naeem first arrived in the US he did all the right things – obeyed his parents, worked hard at school, hung out with the good kids. But now that he’s a senior in high school things aren’t going so well. Not only is he totally behind in school, but his so-marina_budhos_author_photo_credit_franck_goldberg_78c1833de7b4fc88870335fcc53a3df9.nbcnews-ux-2880-1000called friend sets him up to take the fall for a crime. Waiting to be booked Naeem is approached by two police officers who have a
proposal – instead of going to jail, he can pass information to the police about people in his community. Watching what people do doesn’t seem so bad, Naeem even thinks he is probably keeping people safe. But as he gets to know
both the watchers and the watched, Naeem realizes that playing for both sides is a sure way to get caught in the middle.

Review by Ms. Rosenkrantz


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