Born of Illusion by Teri Brown

Born of Illusion by Teri Brown

BornOfIllusionThis book is set the 1920’s U.S. and features a young illusionist (magician) named Anna. Since she was young Anna has performed in circus acts with her mother, who pretends to be a medium who can talk to the dead. While her mother is a gifted performer, it is Anna who really has the power of the clairvoyant. They seem to be moving up as they hit the big time in New York, performing regularly on stage and offering private seances to the wealthy elite. But as Anna’s powers develop, she attracts unwanted attention from people who wish to harm her and her family. At the same time her mother remains controlling as ever, and Anna is confused by romantic emotions she feels towards two very different young men. To complicate matters, the question of who her father is continues to plague her – is she Harry Houdini’s daughter?

I enjoyed this story a lot but wish it had been better written. I wanted more complexity and depth to emerge but instead the story remained surface level, with every thing tying up nice and neat at the end.

Review by Ms. Rosenkrantz


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