The Mission Song by John Le Carre


The Mission Song by John Le Carre

Le Carre is a bestselling author and this was his 20th novel! His stories are about spies, international deceit and corruption, AND the almost futile attempts of people to make the world a better place. If you are into the spy, CIA, covert ops, MI5, KGB, secret service kind of mystery than he is an author for you. Also if you like to understand some of the underground machinations of how the world is influenced by the elites, then Le Carre is an illuminating author.

The Mission Song is centered around a man whose father was a missionary and his mother a woman from the Congo. He speaks many languages from continental Africa and works as a part-time, off the books, as a translator for the secret service. He is called to take place in a secret meeting being held as an attempt to stop a war from breaking out in an already war-torn part of the world. But nobody is who they seem and their motives are anything but clear. Enjoy!

Review by Sarah Rosenkrantz