If I Stay – movie

I saw this movie last weekend and really want to recommend it to our readers.  The movie makers did a good j0b sticking to the story, and the acting was actually decent.  It made me want to go back and read the second book, Where She Went, which picks up the story three years later.  I got my copy from one of the local libraries, and kids have told me they found it through the online usual online sources, Netflix, etc.  Click on either title below for our reviews.

if i stay          where she went


Movie Monday June 3, 2013

Zombies.  Brad Pitt.  World War Z.  What else do I need to say?  Honestly, though, it doesn’t look like the movie is following the book as written.  As the book is written, it is a series of first person accounts of the decade long war against the zombies. It’s told from perspectives of people of different personalities and ages.  Guess they thought that wouldn’t work too well for an action picture, so they revamped it with hunky Brad Pitt as the protagonist hero, instead of simply the narrator as in the book.  We’ll see how that works out, but you can be sure I’ll still see it when it opens on June 21.

Monday Movie, May 27, 2013

Coming out in less than a week, “After Earth” looks like it might be one of this summer’s blockbusters.  Starring Will Smith and his son Jaden, it’s directed by the well-known M. Night Shyamalan.  Looks like the perfect film for us sci fi geeks!

Monday Movie Update May 13

Here’s the Ender’s Game movie Trailer!!!


Even though the movie won’t be out until November of 2013, the online buzs is already building.  If you’re so far ahead of us you’ve already watched it a hundred time, you can read an  extended excerpt of PATHFINDER, Orson Scott Card’s latest YA series:http://bit.ly/pathfinderosc.

Movie Monday Update, May 6, 2013

We are anxiously awaiting Baz Luhrman’s new incarnation of The Great Gatsby.  The movie opens May 10 and stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Gatsby, Tobey Maguire starring as Nick Carraway, and Joel Edgerton and Carey Mulligan as Tom and Daisy Buchanan.  Some of you may remember Baz Luhrman from” William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet” and “Moulin Rouge!”

So many of us have read this as a part of our high school lit. classes, yes even Ms. G. and I did, that it’ll be fun to compare the movie to the book as we remember it.  Feel free to stop by and share your reactions with us in the library!

Here’s a movie trailer you can see from home!

Monday Movie Update – April 29, 2013


I found this article in Variety magazine, the movie industry’s insider journal.  Hope you’re as excited about this news as we are!

“India-based Reliance Entertainment is heading to “Graceling,” acquiring feature rights Kristin Cashore’s young-adult fantasy trilogy as a film franchise starter in partnership with Kintop Pictures.

Producer Deepak Nayar (“Paranoia”) will oversee the project for Reliance and Kintop Pictures and will produce alongside Tabrez Noorani (“Life of Pi”) of Tamasha Talkies and Leigh Ann Burton for Blu-Sky Media. British screenwriter Piers Ashworth (“Nostradamus”) will write the script.

“Graceling” was published in 2008 as the first installment of a trilogy, followed by “Fire” and “Bitterblue.” It centers on young woman who lives in a world where select people born with an extreme skill — called a Grace — are feared and exploited. She carries the burden of the Grace of killing and, as the king’s niece, is forced to execute his dirty work.

Nayar said in a statement, “We are very excited about a potential franchise with a strong and original female lead. Graceling offers an original storyline that we haven’t seen before that combines elements of ‘Hunger Games’ and ‘Game of Thrones.’”

Reliance Entertainment and Kintop Pictures are partnered on producing young-adult franchise “Vampire Academy” along with Don Murphy and Susan Montford of Angry Films and Michael Preger.  The Weinstein Co. acquired US rights to the first film in the franchise, “Blood Sisters,” at Berlin.

Cashore is represented by Julie Kane-Ritsch of the Gotham Group and Faye Bender of the Faye Bender Literary Agency. Piers Ashworth is represented by Resolution. “Graceling” is represented by Julia Scott of Rufus-Isaacs, Acland and Grantham.”

Catching Fire Movie Trailer

Just in case you haven’t seen this yet.  It premiered last week on MTV and looks GREAT!