Girls & Sex: navigating the complicated new landscape by Peggy Orenstein


Girls & Sex: navigating the complicated new landscape  by Peggy Orenstein

After reading quite a few of the fiction books dealing with acquaintance rape in high school and college settings, I wanted to get a better understanding of the real situation we are in as a society with a deeply embedded rape culture. Girls & Sex clearly details the sexualization of girls of all ages and how they are sold a image of themselves as ‘empowered, pleasing, sexual objects’. The brutal reality of sexual behaviour that pleasures boys primarily and teaches girls only about protection is laid out in this fascinating book. This is a must read for all parents and I think for girls themselves. We should all know how our bodies and minds are being coerced into behaviours that are against our own best interest. Word of warning, a lot of what is revealed in this book is disturbing!

Review by Sarah Rosenkrantz